The Music of Star Trek

Author’s Foreword 2014 – A Look Back Since Jeff’s book and my review below was published back in the day, in the pages of Legend (the journal of the ongoing Goldsmith Film Music Society), there have been more movies and television incarnations of STAR TREK. However, in the judgement of this reviewer, I believe that … Continue reading The Music of Star Trek

The Reel World: Scoring for Pictures

Composer Jeff Rona (WHITE SQUALL, television’s CHICAGO HOPE, PROFILER) has written a practical guide to the art, technology, and business of composing for film and television. Rona packs a great deal of data into his 276 pages, and offers plenty of examples from his own experience. It’s a nuts-and-bolts guidebook that benefits not only from … Continue reading The Reel World: Scoring for Pictures

Film Music and Everything Else

For many years, film composer Charles Bernstein (no relation to Elmer) has been writing a column about the film scoring process for THE SCORE, the quarterly newsletter of the Society of Composers and Lyricists.  30 of those columns have been collected into this slim but compelling volume.  Bernstein’s expertise and history give him and edge, … Continue reading Film Music and Everything Else

Sergio Leone

Christopher Frayling, author of the definitive tome on the magic and mayhem of Italian Western movies, SPAGHETTI WESTERNS, has written this exhaustive, encyclopedic, and thoroughly engrossing first-ever biography of Sergio Leone. Half bio and half analytical appreciation of his work as a cineartiste, Frayling paints an honest portrayal of Leone, recognizing and accepting his flaws … Continue reading Sergio Leone

Did They Mention the Music?

Film music autobiographies are few are far between. Tiomkin’s ‘Please Don’t Hate Me’ and Rozsa’s ‘Double Life’ are the only two that come to mind, both excellent, multi-faceted portraits of their authors and their experiences in the film music arena. Henry Mancini’s ‘Did They Mention the Music?’ - written in collaboration with lyricist and music … Continue reading Did They Mention the Music?

American Film Music

A number of highly recommendable books on the subject of film music have appeared recently, including Christopher Palmer’s ‘The Composer in Hollywood’, Steven Smith’s Bernard Herrmann bio, ‘A Heart at Fire’s Center’ and his treasure-trove Film Composers Guide, and the forthcoming revised edition of Tony Thomas’s archetypal ‘Music for the Movies’. Among them is this … Continue reading American Film Music