CD Reviews Basil Poledouris

Conan the Destroyer

Poledouris’ score for this sequel is not on the same level as the brilliant one he wrote for CONAN THE BARBARIAN. This is understandable, as DESTROYER too is not in the same league. Still, Poledouris has lpsished on this film a better score than it deserves. What hurt the impact of his music, for seasoned … Continue reading Conan the Destroyer


Now it’s quite a treat to finally have an expanded re-issue of Basil Poledouris’ excellent if underrated score to FLESH + BLOOD. This most lyrical of composers has over the last 20-odd years produced a splendid body of work. His efforts on FLESH + BLOOD were not seen by many, and the limited availability of … Continue reading Flesh+Blood

For the Love of the Game

It’s been a long time coming, but Basil Poledouris has finally returned to top form with FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME, Sam Raimi’s unexpectedly beautiful homage to the American pastime. Based on Michael Shaara’s novel, the film stars Kevin Costner as an aging, washed-up pitcher given one last chance at the big time by … Continue reading For the Love of the Game

Les Miserables

Echoing the scope of Victor Hugo’s lavish period story while reflecting the tale’s intimate human drama, Basil Poledouris’s music for the big screen incarnation of LES MISERABLES is surging, melodic, and often poignant music. His main theme is a slowly-heaving descension of horns over strings and deep, cavernous percussion, the downward spiral of the main … Continue reading Les Miserables


ROBOCOP is one surprise of a film. After I read that Paul Verhoeven would direct (and keeping his previous effort LESH AND BLOOD in mind) I’d about given up on the guy. Happily, ROBOCOP comes off as one gutsy, innovative adventure. A fairly clever metaphor for modern man’s loss of identity, the film emboldens itself … Continue reading Robocop

Starship Troopers

Among the most eagerly anticipated movies of the Fall, and among the most eagerly anticipated scores of the season, Paul Verhoeven’s STARSHIP TROOPERS is a lavish and spectacular rendition of the Robert Heinlein classic. Reunited with his director from FLESH + BLOOD and ROBOCOP, Basil Poledouris nails the film from the start with the right … Continue reading Starship Troopers

The Hunt For Red October

One is given to wonder, despite the success enjoyed by John McTiernan’s entertainingly anachronistic cold-war thriller, whether he might not have wrung more suspense from the farcical on-off saga of the film’s soundtrack release. Faced with cripplingly high re-use fees, the record company juggled with Basil Poledouris’ score like a hot potato until a release … Continue reading The Hunt For Red October