CD Reviews Dimitri Tiomkin

Land of the Pharaohs / Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

While lacking the ability to get at the real dramatic guts of a situation in musical terms, Dimitri Tiomkin’s better scores have been distinguished by two positive elements: an extraordinary amount of kinetic energy and exorbitantly brilliant orchestral color. Both these elements are very much in evidence in this dark horse entry in the soundtrack … Continue reading Land of the Pharaohs / Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

More Music from The Fall of the Roman Empire

Mention the historical epics of the 50’s and 60’s in casual conversation, and most of your listeners will nod in recognition. They might mention movies like BEN-HUR, QUO VADIS, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and perhaps even KING OF KINGS, GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD and EL CID. The one they probably won’t recall (unless they’re film buffs) … Continue reading More Music from The Fall of the Roman Empire

Rhapsody of Steel

Kritzerland has rapidly become one of the most interesting soundtrack labels; especially for the many rare original soundtrack LPs newly transferred to CD such as this score written by Dimitri Tiomkin for the United States Steel animated industrial short film RHAPSODY OF STEEL. This is Tiomkin at his most archetypal – rumbustious, loud, heavy on … Continue reading Rhapsody of Steel

Search for Paradise / The High and the Mighty

Those collectors like myself who already possess Tiomkin’s own recording of his 1957 Search for Paradise score on RCA LOC-l034 will probably find Bernstein’s remake a rather unnecessary indulgence. Not only was the earlier rendition a stunning example of pre-stereo recording (despite its dry sound). but it was also brilliantly performed by an orchestra made … Continue reading Search for Paradise / The High and the Mighty

The Alamo

There have been too few complete re-recording of Dimitri Tiomkin’s scores and a previous CD of THE ALAMO on the Sony Legacy label had unsatisfactorily included dialogue and sound effects in the absence of the original music tracks. However, at long last, Tiomkin’s magnum opus has been given the definitive treatment in this remarkably ambitious … Continue reading The Alamo

The Fall of the Roman Empire

THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE is arguably Dimitri Tiomkin’s magnum opus. If the word “epic” defines the extravagant scale of the film, then surely the music must be similarly characterised. Apart from the length of the score and the massive forces of the orchestra employed, few scores possess such unremitting formidable power and grandiose … Continue reading The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Film Music of Dimitri Tiomkin

This disc contains very worthwhile material from some of Tiomkin’s finest scores composed during his most mature period between the years 1959-1966. Unfortunately, interpretation and playing by the Royal College of Music Orchestra conducted by Sir David Willcock leaves much to be desired; lacking Tiomkin’s style. This is particularly so of the opening 10-minute suite … Continue reading The Film Music of Dimitri Tiomkin