CD Reviews Ennio Morricone


The Prometheus label scores again with yet another release of a relatively obscum, but very worthy score; this time, Ennio Morricone’s haunting and lyrical music for the 1981 Canadian production. BUTTERFLY. The CD release contains eleven additional cues not found on the original LP, providing the listener with a better chance to appreciate this varied … Continue reading Butterfly

Cinema Paradiso

It seems to be a general truism that within the soundtrack collecting community, scores featuring large orchestras and suitably flamboyant orchestrations are much more likely to be lauded than smaller-scale, more intimate works. Consequently, the expression of the art of film scoring at its most sublime is often overlooked or disregarded. So it is with … Continue reading Cinema Paradiso

Faccia a Faccia

We are currently going through an unprecedented phase of expanded reissues of older scores. Titles like STAR WARS and BEN-HUR set the ball rolling, with the releases consisting by-and-large of acknowledged classics for which collectors have longed for many years. In recent times, all manner of scores have been released in expanded form – the … Continue reading Faccia a Faccia

Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo

Enhancing the original soundtrack’s meager 35 minutes with nearly half an hour of unreleased music, this new Italian album finally provides one of the masterworks of Silver Age film music with its due. The original score for THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY (the original recording; not the re-arranged Montenegro Top-40 abomination) remains an … Continue reading Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo

La Califfa

Over the last few years, producers Claudio Fuiano and Gianni Dell’Orso have been quietly re-issuing many long forgotten scores and exporting them overseas to folks like me who would otherwise never have the opportunity to hear the excellent music. Their latest title is LA CALIFFA, or THE CALIPH, a 1970 score written by the legendary … Continue reading La Califfa


When it was released in 1977, ORCA belonged to that genre which was more or less derivative of JAWS: creatures from the sea which threaten and kill innocent people. ORCA, however, formed an exception: instead of innocent people, we are dealing with innocent animals threatened by man. The film was more than a cheap remake … Continue reading Orca

Padre Pio: Tra cielo e Terra

PADRE PIO: TRA CIELO E TERRA is, rather strangely, the second of two biopics of the Italian priest Padre Pio to emerge in 2001. An Italian tv movie starring Michele Placido, it is very difficult to resist the temptation to roll around the floor with hilarious laughter after looking at the screen shots that grace … Continue reading Padre Pio: Tra cielo e Terra

The Star Maker

Years ago when he scored THE THING, Ennio Morricone remarked on how that score was about “nothing happening”. The suspenseful, anticipatory ambiance he sustained in that score hinted at something happening, but “nothing happens”. His new score for THE STAR MAKER would have been as appropriate a score for THE THING because it’s one of … Continue reading The Star Maker

Viaggio con Anita

Screen Trax continue their releases of Ennio Morricone scores with this album, featuring not only TRAVELS WITH ANITA / VIAGGIO CON ANITA but also LA CUGINA. ANITA was a 1979 English language Italian movie directed by Mario Monicelli, starring Goldie Hawn. It created little impression and has been known under a variety of titles since … Continue reading Viaggio con Anita

Vite Strozzate

The past few months have been very good for Morricone collectors. We’ve seen the release of the first two volumes of the CANTO MORRICONE series, an exceptional four-part set focusing on songs composed by Morricone encompasing the full spectrum of his career. After having worked on this project for my friend Stefan Rambow, I can … Continue reading Vite Strozzate