CD Reviews Maurice Jarre

A Passage to India

This is the fourth Maurice Jarre score for a David Lean film and by far the most restrained and intimate. There is not much here in the way of thematic material, the score being built around 2 themes – “Adela” and the “Main Title” which is associated with the idea of travelling, of being on … Continue reading A Passage to India

Enemy Mine

Wolfgang Petersen’s new film is sort of a remake of the hypnotic 1968 HELL IN THE PACIFIC; both stories imprison two opposing soldiers in a remote locale, and they gradually become friends. Where Lalo Schifrin was less interested in exploring the development of the characters than in musically simulating sound effects, Maurice Jarre spends most … Continue reading Enemy Mine

Grand Prix

At the time of scoring GRAND PRIX (1966) Maurice Jarre was on a high – having enjoyed enormous popular success the year before with his score for DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (1965) and, in particular, Lara’s theme from that film. Small wonder therefore that M-G-M were keen on obtaining his services to score the big budget GRAND … Continue reading Grand Prix

I Dreamed of Africa

Hot on the heels of SUNSHINE comes another grand and eloquent new Jarre score. Films about Africa always seem to inspire especially powerful music, and this is no exception. Jarre minimizes the ethnic music, although there are some percussion rumblings and some tribal stringed instrumentation here and there which add a neat texture to Jarre’s … Continue reading I Dreamed of Africa

Jesus of Nazareth

It is amazing to realize how much our perception of what “Roman epic” music must sound like has changed, once we have been exposed to Miklos Rozsa. In many celebrated scores, Rozsa clearly defined this type of music, and, right or wrong, set the standards by which other similar scores have to be judged. Not … Continue reading Jesus of Nazareth

Lawrence of Arabia

A long cherished project by Tadlow Records’ producer James Fitzpatrick, this recording of Maurice Jarre’s complete score for LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, as performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted Nic Raine, easily outshines all previous versions of the music. David Lean’s LAWRENCE has entered the film world lexicon as an authentic masterpiece: a … Continue reading Lawrence of Arabia

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

It’s a great pity that one of Jarre’s finest scores (although I admit to bias, being a fan of his music) should have been mutilated for the album release. Obviously Capitol Records were more concerned with having a commercial Top 40 LP rather than what should have been a classic soundtrack album. The original format … Continue reading Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Moon Over Parador

Eschewing the reliance on electronic synthesizers which have dominated much of his recent work (WITNESS, NO WAY OUT, FATAL ATTRACTION), Maurice Jarre here provides a wholly symphonic and wholly delightful score for Paul Mazursky’s comedy film about an actor masquerading as the dictator of an obscure Latin American country. The score is lively, often comic, … Continue reading Moon Over Parador


The first question that comes to mind: “Is TAI-PAN a repeat of SHOGUN?” The answer is no. The second question that follows: “Is TAI-PAN a good album?” Well, sort of. Maurice Jarre sets the tone for his TAI-PAN album right away in this full sweeping orchestral score. The “Main Title’ is a grandiose, percussive one … Continue reading Tai-Pan

The Message / Lion of the Desert

These are refreshing recordings to come back to when one wants to escape the moribund electronic scores Maurice Jarre so often does these days. One of Jarre’s greatest strengths is the amazing facility with which he combines western forms with ethnic styles and instrumentation. No wonder Moustapha Akkad and John Huston took up his services … Continue reading The Message / Lion of the Desert

The Mosquito Coast

Maurice Jarre’s score for THE MOSQUITO COAST is the latest in his series of film collaborations with Australian director Peter Weir, a relationship that has proved to be most productive. As with WITNESS and THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, Jarre has produced his score electronically, immersing the listener in an ethereal world of sound that … Continue reading The Mosquito Coast

Villa Rides!

Although this CD follows on from Tadlow’s recent release of TARAS BULBA, it is not actually sub-titled THE CLASSIC FILMS OF YUL BRYNNER VOL 2! Not that VILLA RIDES could easily be described as a classic film anyway, because what we are presented with in this recording is yet another score which is substantially more … Continue reading Villa Rides!