Carl Davis Unbound

Like many contemporary film composers, Carl Davis has found his way to Munich, taking advantage of the Graunke Symphony’s growing reputation as a film music recording orchestra. For Carl Davis, the Graunke Symphony recorded his score for Ken Russell’s period drama, RAINBOW, and in December 1989 Davis was back recording a pair of documentaries,

Carl Davis on Scoring Champions

Although born in the United States, Carl Davis has become a notable figure in the world of British film music, having scored an impressive variety of television plays which have benefited from his delicate and careful scoring, so unlike the pop commercialism of much American television.

Carl Davis’ City Lights

It all began when I opened my mailbox to discover some junk mail addressed to the last occupant of my apartment. Normally, I would have thrown it out. Curiosity, however, got the better of me and I began to scan the list. La and behold, there was a listing for Charlie Chaplin’s CITY LIGHTS featuring Carl Davis and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.